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with local solar energy

How it works

Renewable energy is produced from one of our remotely sited solar farms.
Each kWh of electricity generated from the solar array is measured by a utility owned meter located at the site and converted into a bill credit.
The utility applies bill credits to our customer invoices, resulting in monthly savings.

Did you know?

Regardless as to whether or not you own your home or have adequate rooftop space, community solar offers equal access to solar energy savings.

  • To date, 41 states have at least one community solar project.
  • Twenty-one states, plus Washington, DC, have policies that support community solar.
  • Community Solar is the only form of renewable energy that allows low-to-moderate income customers and disadvantaged communities to participate
  • Every community solar project constructed creates economic opportunity through the creation of local jobs and tax revenue.
  • Community solar supports corporate ESG initiatives and help to achieve U.S. climate goals.
  • Community solar is set to more than double the 2023 installed capacity to 14GW by 2028.


How can I subscribe today?

Get in touch with our team by contacting [email protected] to find a community solar project operating near you.

What happens to my subscription if I move?

No problem! Simply give your aggregator and utility one month's notice before moving and your contract can be terminated. If you want to continue to participate in the clean energy economy, we can help you find a local project to subscribe to in your new area.

How does this help the local economy?

Community solar provides meaningful utility savings to subscribers. In Illinois alone, we save residential customers $1.5mm in utility spend each year. Additionally, developers hire local construction labor for every project, creating high paying jobs in the area. Once the project is operational, it begins generating tax revenue for the state.


Contact us today to learn how you can participate in the clean energy revolution.

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