About Us


We believe that transitioning to clean energy is necessary to ensure the long-term environmental and economic health of our planet.


Our Story

Our Team

Steve Raeder
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Brian Dunn
Chief Operating Officer
Adam Kuehne
Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Joyce Chang
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Jason Spreyer
Executive Vice President of Business Development
Barrett LaChance
Senior Vice President of Execution
Brian Zalewski
Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance
Mike Dillon
Senior Vice President of Operations
Leslie Elder
Vice President of Political and Regulatory Affairs
Pradeep Mohanraj – PE
Vice President of Engineering
Mark Raeder
Jarryd Commerford
Ty Holden
Matthew Dickey
Senior Vice President, Corporate Administration

Community Approach

Summit Ridge Energy works directly with local governments to ensure a transparent permitting process that fosters collaboration between our team and your community.

Environmental Diligence
Economic Benefits
Emissions reductions
Giving back to community

Our Mission

We strive to make clean energy a reality for all. We leverage our expertise, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge solutions to deliver energy independence, resilience, and savings, while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.