The Benefits of Leasing Land for Community Solar

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About Summit Ridge Energy

Summit Ridge Energy is the leading community solar provider in the United States, developing more than 700 MW of accessible renewable energy assets. With over 35,000 acres of solar and storage projects nationally, we have a successful track record of bringing value to landowners, while maintaining the integrity of their land for generations to come. Our projects help the country reach its energy independence goals while giving community members, hospitals, schools, and businesses an alternative to rising energy costs. 

Why Solar?

Many large-scale landowners — including farmers and ranchers — are leasing their land to solar developers. 

Here’s why:

Community Support

Leasing a property for solar development helps your local community meet its energy needs 
and create 100-300 jobs per project.

Consistent and Lucrative 
New Revenue Stream

Solar energy offers landowners a continuous, long-term income source that’s completely passive in nature.

Land Stewardship

We work closely with landowners 
to maintain the integrity of their land through sustainable land management 
and protection techniques.

Community Leadership

By partnering with Summit Ridge Energy, you are not only providing a more reliable source of energy for your neighbors, you also become a leader in your community.

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Trust is Our Top Priority

For us, it comes down to trust. We know that 
landowners are tired of being passed around through 
the hands of different companies. We own and operate 
all of our projects, so we don’t just build and then go away. When you partner with us, you partner for the long haul with a developer that will be with you from start to finish. Summit Ridge Energy and its projects make good neighbors; that’s why our landowner partnerships stretch generations.

It’s About Legacy

We take great care to ensure minimal impact on your land because we know that it’s more than just land; it’s legacy. With sustainable land management and protection practices, 
like sheep grazing and pro-pollinator ground cover, land is able to naturally regenerate under the solar panels. And if you choose 
not to renew the lease, we ensure all land 
is restored to pre-construction conditions — ready to benefit the next generation.


Let’s Connect 

Get in touch with our team of experts to see how you, your property, and your community can benefit from hosting a solar project.