Clean energy for all

$600 M
Capital funded
20, 000
Customers subscribed
Community solar portfolios acquired

Summit Ridge Energy is the nation’s leading owner of community solar assets.

What We Do

Project Acquisition
SRE partners with developers across the industry to acquire solar and energy storage portfolios. Our dedicated funding platforms bring your projects to fruition.
project development
Our team’s deep expertise and diligence ensures an efficient and and effective development process. Strong community ties allow us to smoothly navigate every step from permitting to energization.
Project Finance
SRE’s committed pools of capital enable a culture of execution. Our partners understand the potential and need for scalable energy solutions like community solar and battery storage. We are uniquely positioned to oversee our portfolios across markets for the projects’ full lifecycle.

Our mission at Summit Ridge Energy
is to make renewable energy accessible to all



Leverage your roof, parking lot, or available land to provide solar and energy storage to your facility, behind the meter. Reduce electricity usage from your local utility while lowering energy costs.


Achieve corporate sustainability goals through community solar and virtual power purchase agreements. Hedge long-term utility rates and realize significant savings.


Community Solar 101

  • Remotely sited projects tied directly to the grid
  • Long-term predictable income for landowners
  • Guaranteed energy savings for entire communities
  • Local job creation


Bomber, MD

  • 9,176 kWdc
  • Rooftop Community Solar, Hampstead, MD
  • Offsets greenhouse gas emissions from 20,772,858 car miles driven / year

Brewster, IL

  • 5,408 kWdc
  • Groundmount Commercial and Community Solar, Stockton, IL
  • Offsets greenhouse gas emissions from 13,730,371 car miles driven / year

Somerset, ME

  • 6,799 kWdc
  • Groundmount Community Solar, Pittsfield, ME
  • Offsets greenhouse gas emissions from 14,968,213 car miles driven / year


Summit Ridge Energy is a dynamic and vibrant workplace.
We hire only the most talented, highest achieving people in renewables. Shape America’s energy future - join our team today.