Rooftop Leasing

lease your roof to host a local solar project

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Earn valuable income through our simple process.

Our familiarity with institutional real estate owners and their unique leasing requirements has enabled us to partner with over a dozen of the country’s largest REITs.

Our Roof Leasing Process

Over 10 million square feet and counting. We’re the industry’s rooftop leasing experts.

Step 1

Site Analysis and System Design

After evaluating the condition of your roof and its warranty, our team performs detailed structural analyses to ensure site suitability.

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Step 2

Initial Layout and System Design

Our design team works with your building engineers to optimize system layout while avoiding existing rooftop equipment.

Step 3

Interconnection and Construction

Our interconnection specialists work with the utility to determine any equipment or line upgrades. Once complete, we start construction and begin making lease payments to the property owner. 

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