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On-site solar systems directly reduce the amount of electricity a facility draws from the grid, including "peak" usage.


Installing rooftop solar unlocks the value of unused square footage, and prolong a roof's usable life. Rooftop systems directly offset energy consumption, typically during peak hours of the day when a facility's energy usage is highest.


Solar canopies installed over parking lots have become increasingly viable. Like rooftops, parking facilities are typically non-revenue generating real estate. We've designed and installed some of the nation's largest canopy systems, helping numerous customers unlock value.


Many of the nation's largest energy users are constrained by their ability to physically host solar energy systems. We tackled this challenge years ago, and became pioneers in off-site commercial solar development in the process. Since 2011, our team has developed over 350 megawatts of projects located away from our customers' facilities, providing them millions of dollars in aggregate savings.

Community Solar:

Community Solar installations allow both commercial and residential customers to participate in the financial savings offered by off-site solar systems.


For organizations who consume large amounts of power, a wholesale solar power contract can be ideal. Electricity generated from utility scale systems can be "wheeled" from one power node to another, even if hundreds of miles apart. The result: users located in metropolitan areas can purchase fixed priced solar contracts from systems located in rural areas, hedging their electricity pricing exposure in the process.


Solar systems are excellent at reducing a facility's energy consumption during the day, but cease to operate after sunset. Solar power stored by batteries can be dispatched at targeted intervals to reduce usage during early evening hours when electricity often costs the most. Additionally, batteries can be configured to provide back-up power to critical systems, or utilized to participate in ancillary services markets to help balance transmission systems.

As witnessed with solar panels, the technology and economics associated with batteries have both rapidly improved over time. Additionally, numerous markets are offering financial incentives when battery storage is combined with solar installations.

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