Our Approach

collaboration with local communities

Community Partnership

Summit Ridge works directly with local governments to ensure a transparent permitting process that fosters collaboration between our team and your community.

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Our project experts interface with local officials and planning boards to ensure necessary permits are obtained prior to construction activities.

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Economic Benefits​

Our community solar farms provide electricity savings to subscribers, lease income for landowners and tax revenue for local communities – a winning combination.

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Minimized Impact

Our projects are optimally designed to maximize economic benefit while minimizing environmental impact.

Our Development Process

From lease execution to system energization, our development experts follow a repeatable process driven by communication and community engagement.

Step 1
Landowner Partnership

An option to lease is executed to host our community solar farms.

Step 2
Environmental Diligence

Environmental screens are performed to avoid building in restricted areas.

Step 3
Real Estate Review

Title and ownership information is reviewed.

Step 4

Interconnection applications are submitted to the local utility to determine the need for line or substation upgrades.

Step 5

Engagement with local authorities is initiated to obtain necessary permits and approvals.

Step 6

Once permits are obtained, construction activities begin.

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